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what are the advantages and disadvantages of online technology?

what are the advantages and disadvantages of online technology?

Before we start to know about the advantages and disadvantages of online technology we need to what is online technology.Online technology is nothing but a thing of internet.

The Internet is thus far and it's one inventions of all time.The Internet has created it doable for United States of America to try to to uncountable things. when Invent on-line technology folks will look in on-line stores like Amazon , Flipkart , eBay communicate with family and friends via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype,Watch the most recent video and flicks on Youtube ,Netfilx.And so way more.The Internet has proved to be terribly helpful and comes with uncountable blessings.
here square measure some blessings and downsides of the net.



1. Unlimited Communication

  • The online technology created it simple for folks to speak with others, as a result of it's low cost and convenient.The only prices square measure those paid to the net service supplier.
  • services like skype have helped folks from distant countries to move and share ideas.

2. verdant data and Resources
  • It is swamped with data regarding something and everything.There square measure multiple search engines that have created it easier for net users to search out data.
3.Online Services and E-commerce

  • Today it's doable to hold out money transactions on-line. you'll be able to transfer funds pay taxes and utility bills or book show tickets over the net within the comfort of your workplace or home.

  • This is one among the most important reasons why many folks get pleasure from surfing the net you'll be able to watch movies,listen to music,read gossip columns and play games over the net.

1.Addiction to the Internet

  • some folks pay a good quantity of your time on the net. This affects their social interactions it will cause fat has ,in some cases, LED to some diseases.
2.Buying things that you simply do not want
  • The Internet reduces the barriers for customers to form purchases, thus users might realize themselves getting product while not swing abundant thought into whether or not they ought to. Also, for a few folks, shopping for things on the web will become thus addictive that it causes serious debt.
3.Depression, loneliness, and social isolation

  • Social networking sites can even result in depression as many folks tend to match their lives with others. the net and on-line games facilitate communication with others. though you will notice new connections round the world, you will conjointly end up disconnecting from those in your reality.
4.Affects focus and patience
  • The sites we have a tendency to use on the web each day have AN "instant gratification" result. They conjointly gift AN endless menu of things to trust and knowledge at any moment, on demand. obtaining info this fashion rewards fast thinking that shifts focus quickly, that affects your interactions normally, creating you additional impatient and fewer targeted on your activities. attempt to balance this natural result with time removed from social media and targeted on additional productive real-life activities like exercise or cleanup.
5.Never having the ability to disconnect from work

  • The Internet is nice for giving its users the flexibility to figure from anyplace. However, you will be expected to be accessible to figure at any time of the day, albeit you had not antecedently in agreement to be accessible.
  • For example, you will be reception and find a notification that you just have received a vital work-related e-mail so find yourself performing on the content of that e-mail while not obtaining paid.
6.Spam and advertising

  • It's nice that the web will facilitate reaching a way wider audience than ancient advertising ways (e.g., newspaper, TV, and radio). However, as a result of digital advertising are often sent on a huge scale, you would possibly see a lot of spam in your inbox than unsolicited mail in reality.


So guys these are all the advantages and disadvantages of online technology which I am discuss.If you have any doubts you can go contact us page and fill the form with your doubt I will reply you as soon as possible..Thank you.... Stay Home Stay Safe.....



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