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how to become a web developer

How To Become A Web Developer-That You Should Need To Know.

Being a web developer is not as much difficult .Now days ,Technology is using everywhere.Without Internet we can't imagine our life .Internet is everywhere.If I were to talk about 7-8 years ago from today There were very few users  who used the internet because The internet was already very expensive at that time But now days almost every people using Internet because The price of internet has come down.As you can see the internet user's report at 2016

  1. China = 765 million
  2. India = 391 million
  3. United States = 245 million
  4. Brazil = 126 million
  5. Japan = 116 million
  6. Russia = 109 million
Now talking about India there were 687.6 Million internet users in India in January 2020, So you can clearly see the difference that a huge number of users already connected to Internet.A research says that google receives over 63000 searches per second on any given day.So many websites are needed for Google search that's why a large amount of website developers are need for this particular field. According to a research, until 2030 the number of internet users in all over the world will be 8.5 billion. So I think you can understand how many potential is there.Now lets talk about what is web development and what is the job of a web developer?

1) What is web development?

=>Well ,web developing is a process of building Web sites,Web applications,or building any personal server site known as Intranet.Basically web developing is a play of coding & programming.

  • Now talking about the practical examples of web development. If you search anything on internet or surfing the internet then you can see many examples of website development.The websites are the examples of web development.I can give you many examples like The search engine Googlethe online store Amazon,Facebook,youtube,etc.Now lets talking about the web applications.There are many app like Amazon,Facebook,Instagram,etc.There are many social media platforms like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,etc.All of these tools made by web developers.

2) What is the job of a web developer?

=>To grow a IT industry,it takes many web developers for managing their online websites.So what is the job of a web developer?Basically A web developer manage websites, web applications,Creates websites,Design websites by their codding skills.So these are the jobs of a web developer.

  • So now I think you can understand what is web development and what is the job of a web developer.Now let's talk about the main thing how to become a web developer?

How to become a web developer?

Being a web developer is not as much difficult as I said previously But you have to gather some knowledge and skills which is very required for this particular field.So Lets talk about what are these things that you have to know for being a web developer.

1)Learn the HTML language.

=>HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language)is a most popular language for this domain.When you going to create a website you can see the main structure of the website is made by HTML.Basically the skeleton of a website is made by HTML.HTML is a group of I give you some common you should familiar with it.

1)<HTML>.....</HTML>you have to wrote the full program in between these these tags.This indicates that the full program is written in HTML.
2)<head>.....</head>these tags contains all information like tittle,metadata,links to script.
3)<tittle>.....</tittle>These tags defines the tittle of a web page.
4)<body>.....</body>These tags contains the style sheets and all informations.


These are the most popular language that you should need to know for being a web developer.So now lets see why you need to know these languages.

    • CSS(Cascading style scripts) is used for designing a website.Without CSS the whole web page would look boring.That's why you need to know CSS.
    • Java script is used for making the working functions in a web page.
    • PHP is also a popular language for the field of web developing.You must have to know the basics of PHP language.
3)Learn about the basics of Wordpress.

=>Now almost all websites are designed by wordpress.So you have to know the basics of Wordpress. You have to know How to install wordpress in a a particular to add themes.How to design a basic website using wordpress.

4)Learn about the Hosting and Domain.
=>You have to know that what is domain and what is hosting?So Domain is nothing but the name of the website like is a domain.When you go to made a website you have to purchase a domain but some companies are there who provides domain at free cost And Hosting is nothing but the storage location of a particular website.When you going to create a website on wordpress then you have to purchase a hosting.The costing will depends upon how much storage you want for your website.After you have to know how to connect domain and hosting to your website.So that's it.

5)Learn about the SQL and DBMS
=>So what is SQL?The full form of SQL is Structured Query Language.In 1974 IBM research  center made this language.For manage website databases you have to familiar with this language.For manage data bases you have to know the basics of DBMS.DBMS means Database Management System.

6)Learn about the basics of SEO.
=>The full form of SEO is search engine optimization.Now days ranking a website on any search engine without SEO is to difficult.Definitely You have to keep the knowledge SEO. There are basically three types of SEO.

1)Local SEO
2)On page SEO
3)Off-page SEO

The benefits of SEO 1)Website Ranking 2)Website Branding 3)Low cost traffic.

So basically for get traffic you have to know the basics of SEO.

For getting job In this field firstly you have to go some freelancing website there you can find many work related to this field like all you have to do just go to the website open an account and select the category to web developing and now find jobs and complete the jobs and earn money.There you can find many jobs like website making and  designing etc.When you gather a better experience in this field then you can apply for a job.Here I will attach some freelancing websites.


If  you want to make a career to this particular field,I think its a very good time to start.The potential here will be much higher in the coming years because the number of internet user is increasing day by day and I think present is the best time to start any type of work.When potential is increasing day by day then competition will be increasing day by day.If you think to start now then I will suggest you to grab a better knowledge for this field.For knowing these language you cans search on Internet or you tube There has many tutorial for every particular topic.But if you need knowledge with certificate than I suggest you to go udemy .There you can purchase course and after complete the course you receive a certificate by mail.So start from today......



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