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Top 5 Most awesome new technology 2020 to learn -Techy Tykoon

Top 5 most awesome new technologies to learn
in 2020

Now days technology is using every where. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep every time we are using Technology.we can't imagine our life without technology .If you want example I can ask you two questions and after reading the questions you can understand that what I mean. Can you imagine your life without your phone? Can you imagine you imagine your life without Electricity? Obviously No! So now you understand enough that what I want to say.Let's back to the topic, The IT World remains in a state of constant flux.Now, as associate IT skilled it's nearly sort of a survival manoeuvre to stay yourself updated with the ever evolving Technologies still because the market trends.Hence, We bring to you The Top 5 Technologies for 2020 to learn.



At variety 10,we've cognitive cloud computing currently cognitive cloud is associate extended scheme.It's thanks to this that we will deploy cognitive cloud computing applications and solutions to the plenty Not simply that it's one among following huge things within the IT trade. Also, it will converse  in natural language and helps in decision-making by understanding the complexities of huge information.It is expected to get Rate a revenue of 13.8 billion US Dollars

And thus huge corporations like IBM Microsoft Google and Cisco area unit already investing for this next Generation technology to stay up with the future Market.



he next technology to be told within the year 2020 is 5G technology. currently 5G represents consequent generation of cellular networks and services currently Suisse

is the current world leader in 5G. Technology closely followed by Asian country and also the u. s. .a bigger role out as anticipated by the year 2020 with a worldwide adoption of this technology. It's expected to convey a minimum of 20 gbps downlink and10gbps transmission which might create it forty times quicker than the present 4G LTE technology gap doors for newer Services network operations and client experiences.

on the a part of telecommunication operators corporations
heavily within the development and testing of 5G equipments are Samsung, Huawei, Intel, Ericsson, Nokia, Deloitte
and Qualcomm.



moving on at range eight. we've got huge data currently.who dont know huge data already? The word has been specially used for quite few years with of these businesses moving on the far side the normal ways that {of information|of knowledge|of information} storage and process huge data has created.
Its thanks to the massive games currently with of these new technologies like information analytics automation increased analytics and information as a service big information is in here to alter the sport across Industries.



at range twowe've got cyber security currently the widespread use of the IT ecosystem cyber security remains, one in all the main considerations.
for most firmscurrently the year 2020 goes to be a year to converge multiple emergent cybersecurity Trends thanks to the 

automation  of cyber security furthermore because the development of public it infrastructure currently multiple firms increase

the security budget year by year to thwart malicious threats furthermore as a response. The recent knowledge privacy legislation top-notch firms like IBM , Hacker one and FireEye square measure creating it to the highest one hundred fifty firms for cyber security .

A research says that a large amount of cyber security workers needed for upcoming years because we are going digital day bay day, But  a very small amount of cyber security workers pass out  every year. So I think  you understand that how much potential is there. So its one of the best technology to learn in 2020. 


We finally reach the top part of our list, at number one. We have AI as a service and why not artificial intelligence is one of the most revolutionising technologies in this era and 2020 is going to Boom even more but to build and deploy AI based Solutions continues to be a very expensive affair on the part of most businesses around about way is to use it. We are providers of as a service platform. Now, we expect to see a bunch of different providers in the year 2020 would tailor-made solutions for specialized tasks now big Brands like Google Apple and Microsoft are Head of their game and at the Forefront of this particular initiative digging deep into the potential of this technology, they experimenting and finding out AI based solutions to stay ahead of their competitors.

SO,guys these are all the technologies to learn in 2020 if you have any suggestions to improve our list Kindly, leave them in the comment section below I will be glad to hear from you with that.If you have any doubt regarding these topic then please visit contact us page and fill the details with you doubt.I should answer you as soon as possible. Thank you.........

So guys this is the end of this blog 



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