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how to become an esports gamer


Become  an E  sports player is a dream for every gamer.Being a E sport gamer is not  as much difficult.Now Gaming is one of the most demandable field in all over the world.Many big industries like INTEL,NVIDIA,AMD spends million of dollars every year. Many big company are spending million of dollar for E sports tournaments.So the potential for this particular filed is very high.So now question arrives that what are the steps that you have to follow to be an E sport player.Well I will discuss every point to be an E sport  player.
  • SELECT THE PLATFORM: At first you have to select the platform that in which platform you want to be an E sport player.There is basically two  platform no one is MOBILE and no 2 is COMPUTER.

  • SELECT YOUR INTERESTED GAME: You have to select your Interested game and  It is very mandatory that the game of your choice should have some market demand.In mobile platform there is many games like PUBG MOBILE,COD MOBILE and in computer platform there are lots of game like Counter strike global offensive,Pubg pc,Fortnite,Apex legends etc ,Call of duty warzone,etc.   
  • PRACTICE YOUR FAVOURITE GAME: Practice makes you perfect.So you have to play your interested game at least 4 hours in a day.You have to understand every mechanics of your interested game.You have to grab some skills that no one have.You must have some unique style for playing that particular game.You have analyze the game by playing more and more. You have to grab some unique skills for your particular game. Thats it.

  • TRY TO COMPETE IN LOCAL TOURNAMENT: For judging your skills you have to register for local tournament.Many companies like MSI,GIGABYTE are organize this tournaments in different states.You have to  just register for tournaments and play for the tournament.If you won these matches you definitely won some prize money. It is very essential that you have to play this matches, It tells you your current level.After qualify state matches then you have to play national tournament and then international.

  • Built your gaming team community: If  you want to be a professional e sports player.If you want to equipollence with other gaming communities then you definitely need a team.So built your team.

  • Increasing your followers by live streaming on media: If you want to boost up then you definitely need some followers base.So you have to live stream on live streaming platforms like Youtube,Facebook,Twitch.It gives a boost up on your Career.
So these are the steps to be an E sports gamer.You have follow this steps.You have to remember every line. There is lot of money in this field but I would say there is no benefit in coming to this field for money because if you don't have any passion on gaming then you can't stay in this field.If you have passion then you are most welcome for this filed.Best of Luck...........................

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