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Pubg Mobile is now Indias No 1 Android game.The Tencent company arranges PMPL tournament Arrange every year for this game Where you can participate by playing district and national tournament after won PMPL you can get chance for playing international  PMPL .

India has many good players like Scout,Mortal,Dynamo etc.So many pubg lovers are waiting for next pubg update.

As you know guys there is almost 20 days for coming  season 15 royal pass so pubg mobile So pubg mobile is already  adding some in-game items slowly slowly from where you can get a brief idea.So now take a look of pubg mobiles new trailer which is posted by pubg mobile official group in their Instagram account.

So in this video you can clearly see that this video is all about of the characters of pubg but cant find the  Andy character between them. Pubg mobile has posted this video with a caption"Where is Andy?".

Who So there's no need to be afraid of those who took ANDY character. I think Pubg Mobile is planning a new event for you guys.And I don't think that pubg mobile don't delete andy character from pubg mobile because many people already buy this character with UC.

Those who did not get the character I think you guys also get this character after the event.Again its not a official update after releasing the official announcement I will confirm you...Now lets talk about the Season 15 royal pass update.

So guys this is the season 15 royal pass logo that you can clearly see on this image.If you compare this logo with season 9 RP logo then you can see that season 9 logo is almost similar with season 15 logo. If you can recall that the theme of Season 9 was about Warriors and Samurai.So I think season 15 has the same similarity.I you want you can compare this logo with season 9 logo.

Now lets talk about season 15 rewards. If complete 100 RP then you can get this outfit.Its name is Samurai ops outfit

After completing 100 RP if you gather around more 4800 RP points then you can get this mythic outfit.which name is blackwing outfit

If get 1 rp points then you can give this outfit called Whitestar outfit.

After reach level 40 rp point you can give silver star outfit.

Theres a very High chance to get a AKM skin at RP level 80 which name is Samurai ops AKM,based on this theme you can get a helmet skin called samurai ops helmet,you can also get a smoke grenade skin which name is samurai ops smoke grenede.You can also get a emote and avatar based on this theme .So the names are Samurai ops outfit emote, samurai ops Avatar.Without this you can also get a another gun skin which name is Gauntlet Thompson,Most probably it unlocks at RP level 1.

The backpack which you can get inside Rp thats name is Golden Nights Backpack.Without this you can get 4 other outfits in season 14 which are named as DJ, the second outfit is bee,the third outfit is metal & mini skirt,and fourth outfit is Shadow assassin outfit.its a complete set with headsets.Theres a new two emotes which is confirmed by pubg mobile called SAD emote and Island dance emote.

Without this you can get a parachute skin which is a epic level skin called samurai ops parachute.

So guys these are all the season 15 update leaks. some of these leaks are confirmed by pubg mobile but a very  small percentage of leaks are not confirmed by pubg mobile officials I hope they will be confirmed the leaks very soon.If you have any doubt regarding any topic please go to contact us page and just fill the form with your doubt.I will reply you as soon as possible.Thank you.
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