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is T series really got hacked??

What is T series?

>So T Series is the most largest You Tube channel in all over the world.The origin of this channel is India.This channel contains 157 millions subscribers.

What happened with T series?

  • Recently the logo of every social media handles and their You tube channel is changed.Now if you go to their you tube channel and their social media handles like Twitter ,Facebook,Instagram then you can see the logo is changed.

You Tube channel

Instagram Handle

Twitter Handle

Is T series really got hacked??

The first thing I have to clear that hacking every social media handle and the most largest you tube channel is not possible by a hacker.Hacker can hack a social media handle at a time,although it is very hard.Although the username is not changed for t series handle.

So what happened actually?

So basically the Indian singer  Guru Randhawa Is releasing a new song "Nach meri Rani" which is also releasing on T series you tube channel.So for that their logo has changed for public reaction. 


So guys don't worry T series you tube channel is not hacked.Don't forget the share this post.

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