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Cosmic Byte Volcano 7 Mousepad review

Cosmic Byte Volcano 7  Mousepad

So some days ago I am looking for an RGB mouse pad so I am just searching for the best mouse pad. So after doing some research I find the best mouse pad according to my requirement. 

I want a good quality RGB mouse pad. so according to my need, this mouse pad is very good for me and also Cosmic byte is a very good brand. So I ordered it from amazon and I have been using this product for 2 weeks. 

So I thought that, let's make an after purchase review through my blog. So just have a look.

Unboxing Part

Lets start with the unboxing part. So it's not very special because the box comes with a user manual and a braided cable and the mouse pad itself.

Review Quality wise

So the quality of this mouse pad is really very good at this price point. It is a full-size mouse pad. the quality of the braided cable is also very good. They did not compromise with quality which is the very best thing about this particular product.If you buy this product then you don't have to worry about quality.  

Review looks wise

So this mouse pad comes with an RGB lighting effect. It has 7 colors of lighting. And you can literally control the lighting effect.which is the best part about this mouse pad. It has 3 lighting effects.This mouse pad comes with an RGB controller by using this you can control the lighting effects of the mouse pad which is the best part about this mouse pad.

This mouse pad can give a next-level look to your gaming set up.


So do I recommend you to buy this? Yes of course I recommend you buy this mouse pad if you searching for an RGB gaming mouse pad. The price of this mouse pad is 1,220/- rs. And after staying at this price point this product offering a great value that no other brand offers.
It is a next-generation mouse pad and I definitely recommend you to buy this mouse pad. If you want to buy this mouse pad then I will drop an amazon purchase link from where you can buy this keyboard.Thank you.

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