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What is information technology ? Why it's needed too much

 What is information technology??

So Information technology (IT) is the use of any computer storage,networking and other physical device infrastructure and process to store data,analyze data,transmit data,creating data,manipulating data.Typically information technology is the used to context of enterprises,operations, as a obstruct to personal or in entertainment.
Classification of work focusing on the management and processing of information using technology through databases, computer technology, or other means.

The term information technology was coined by the hardware business review in order to make a distinction between purpose built machine design to perform a limited scope of function and general purpose computing machine that called be program for various task.

information technology because the use of computers to store retrieve transmit and manipulate information or data usually in the context of a business or different enterprise it's thought-about to be a subset of data and communications technology humans are storing retrieving manipulating and communicating data since the Sumerians in geographical region developed writing in concerning 3000 B.C. however the term information technology in its trendy sense 1st appeared in an exceedingly 1958 article published within the Harvard Business Review authors Harold J Leavitt and Thomas L Whistler commented that the new technology doesn't nevertheless have one established name we have a tendency to shall decision it information technology their definition consists of 3 classes techniques for process the applying of statistical and mathematical strategies to decision making and also the simulation of higher-order thinking through pc programs the term is usually used as a synonym for pcs and computer networks however it additionally encompasses different information distribution technologies such as tv and telephones several product or services at intervals associate economy square measure related to data technology together with element software natural philosophy semiconductors internet telecommunication system and e-commerce supported the storage and processing technologies used it's possible to differentiate four distinct phases of IT development pre mechanical mechanical mechanical device and electronic this text focuses on the most recent amount that began in concerning 1940.

Benefits of information technology 1. Remote accessibility 2. Creation of new jobs 3. Information Technology and education 4. Information technology and the health sector 5. Advancement of economies 6. Communicating news 7. Entertainment 8. Effective communication 9. Globalization 10. Accurate and speedy processing of information


Schools in America utilize IT on a routine for everything from enhancing programme, to grading, and record keeping. faculties became a lot of economical and fewer wasteful due to IT advances over the past few decades. Students area unit expert within their use of IT and have the potential to form forceful enhancements as they become educators in the close to future.

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