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Hello guys,
                    This is Tykoon and this is my blogging website.In this website you will find some news, blogs and some articles related to gaming, latest technology, tech news,new gadgets and some reviews.I made this blog for you guys can learn about the technology and the world of gaming.
 Without this I have a You tube channel called "Tykoon Gaming". In this channel you will find all videos and live streams related to gaming because I am a Gamer. If you want to visit my channel you guys can visit my channel. If you like the content of my channel then you can Subscribe my channel. If you have any question or any kind of doubt you can do a mail on I will reply you as soon as possible. I will try to give my best in this blogging website. Thank you...


NAME:- Adityarup Datta.

City:- Kolkata

State:- West Bengal


Youtube Channel:- Visit my Channel

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